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"Very well known Internet Marketer & Business Mentor "Saurabh Bhatnagar" is an Internet & Business Legend" - Forbes
The FREE FACEBOOK™ ADS BOOTCAMP gives you the KEY to Profitable Facebook™ Ads

You'll Grasp 
  • Run Ads that Convert into Leads & Sales

  • Create Ads that Hooks/Attracts Your Audience Attention

  • Reach Out to the Audience Willing to Pay for Your Offer

  • Create the Best Ad Copy & Creative that Converts

  • How to Convert an Absolute Cold Prospect into a Raving Customer

  • Build Funnels that Turn Into Recurring Profits 
Here's  What You Get
Video 1-Introduction to Facebook™ Bootcamp 
Video 2-Customer Value Journey
Video 5-Facebook™ Advertising Basics
Video 8- Ad Targeting
Video 3-Traffic Temperature
Video 6-Facebook™ Pixel
Video 9-Custom Audience
Video 4-Different kinds of Funnels and Landing pages
Video 7-Ad Creation (Part 1)
Video 10-Ad Creation (Part 2)
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With FACEBOOK™ BOOTCAMP, Over 10,000+ Students Have Enjoyed Success & Created
BEST Converting Facebook™ Ads....Generating More Traffic, More Leads & More Revenue.
The level of practical insights & an INSTANT IMPACT that comes after learning from SB is at an altogether different level.
Hear from some of the business owners who have had a taste of Saurabh's mentoring:
"Touch Your First Million Dollars"
If you are looking to get started or if you are looking to go today from where you are to touch your first million dollars, you wanna learn from people like Saurabh. Somebody who was exactly where you are right now, and now is at a place at exactly where you wanna be.. so for everybody to get your courses, your training would be great.

Anthony Morrison, Founder -
"Conversion King & Beast"
Big Shout Out to Saurabh Bhatnagar, all these conversions will not have been possible without you. Am calling you the 'Conversion King' from now on. Follow this guy, he is the 'Beast' when it's come to Conversions on product launches and making more money.

Jonathan Oshevire, Product Owner 
I have got amazing results because of Saurabh. My program "Communication Mastery" is now nearing about 3,000 enrollments. The entire plan, funnel & the email sequence was guided by Saurabh. About 16 months back I had no idea about how to run my Facebook ads, how to get more leads and today I have got more than 130,000 people who have subscribed to my email list within a timeframe of 14 months. There have been weeks where we have had more than 5,000 people subscribing to us. We literally had to reduce the number of leads because we were not able to cater to so many people considering my business model.

Rahul Bhatnagar, Speaker and Business Coach
Saurabh can literally change your business in a few minutes
Learning practical implementation from him per minute was like an 'aha' moment. Can't say it strongly enough better than 80K+ was added in my account just by the virtue of a single funnel made by him.

Reshu Singhal, Founder - &
"Brilliance, the word I would use to describe Saurabh Bhatnagar.  It is rare I get business techniques and strategies I will integrate into my business immediately. But I did just that with the information he provided to me. It is not only changing how I am doing business but how my clients are doing business."
Virginia Phillips - Author | Speaker | Coach
"My #1 Passion is Facebook™ Marketing and I have dedicated myself to create millions of success stories"
I help individuals & businesses grow their revenue using Facebook™ marketing.

A marketer at heart, I am a big-time automation guy.

I am obsessed with becoming the best when it comes to using Facebook™ marketing in scaling the business & revenue.

I am the guy behind some of the highest ROI Facebook™ ad campaigns & automated business funnels with the highest conversion numbers.

I am also the founder of multiple SAAS businesses & premium internet marketing online training hub “Saurabh Bhatnagar University”
Our softwares, consulting & training programs have helped thousands of individuals/business owners scale their revenue online.

My entire goal is to help you automate your entire business using Facebook™ marketing.
Saurabh  Bhatnagar
Facebook™ Ads & Funnels Expert
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Course & Free Live Online 
With FACEBOOK™ BOOTCAMP, Over 10,000+ Students Have Enjoyed Success & Created
BEST Converting Facebook™ Ads....Generating More Traffic, More Leads & More Revenue.
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